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Five Easy Tips To Improve Your Acoustic Guitar Playing!

Hi there! Once again thank you for your purchase of the guitar trainer at Aweinall! Over the next week, we will be sending to you daily tips and tricks that can exponentially improve your acoustic guitar ability when paired with the guitar trainer! No matter if you're a beginning player or a seasoned pro, there's always something new to learn on the acoustic guitar. So next time you're stuck in the rut, looking to freshen up your practice regimen, or want to develop healthier playing habits, here are five easy tips you can use to improve your acoustic guitar playing.  TIP 1. Use a metronome and start slow.  A common mistake among guitarists is trying to learn new scales or chord progressions too...

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What is a guitar capo?

One of the more common acoustic and electric guitar accessories--along with tuners, string winders, humidifiers, etc.--is the capo. Taking its name from the Italian word for "head," a capo is a small device that clamps onto the neck of a guitar and shortens the length of the strings, raising their pitch. A capo is usually fastened across all the strings of a guitar or other fretted stringed instrument, although less often they are used on only some strings rather than all of them. The main advantage of using a capo is that it lets a guitarist play a song in different keys while still using first-position open-string chord forms, which have a more droning and fully resonant tone than, for example, many bar chords....

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